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When Platinum Group handles your insurance needs, a weight is lifted off your shoulders.

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The Insurance Coverage You Need; The Simplicity You Deserve

"Michael Murphy and his team at Platinum were incredible. At a time when the new healthcare regulations and systems seemed to be overwhelming and confusing, these guys were a breath of fresh air."

~-Amber A, Asheville, North Carolina 


Health Insurance

Health Insurance for All Kinds of People

Platinum Group works with families, individuals, seniors, entrepreneurs, pilots, chefs, even circus clowns. In other words, whatever your needs, whatever your questions, the insurance experts at Platinum have heard them before and know how to help. Go on — challenge them!

Get Your Very Own Insurance Specialist

You pay the same amount as you would if you did it all on your own or went through an insurance giant. With Platinum Group, you get your own personal insurance specialist. One point of contact, available to you to:

  • Get the most appropriate, cost-effective ACA health care plans for you, your family or your employees.
  • Talk year-round, not just during enrollment periods. Whenever your circumstances or health insurance needs change, contact your specialist.
  • Meet face-to-face in Platinum’s comfortable offices anytime you need advice.
  • Build a relationship, so your Platinum contact can anticipate your insurance needs.
  • Share community news. Platinum is a local company, so your health and happiness is important.

When it comes to providing health coverage for you or your employees, you need someone with experience working with businesses and individuals. The specialists at Platinum Group know how to work with both and everyone in between.

If you’re not sure about your needs, call 828-252-0029 or …

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Employers And Employee Benefits 

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your People

The benefit specialists at Platinum can navigate the complexities of the ACA for you, making sense of the regulations so you can make the smartest decisions and get the best ACA health care plans. Platinum will help you determine whether to implement a group insurance plan for your employees or just let them purchase individual insurance on the Health Insurance Exchange.

Working with Platinum Group to pick your ACA health care plans or other insurance coverage does not affect the cost of your plan. So take advantage of the experience, knowledge and insight of the specialists at Platinum for support.

Let Platinum Group Navigate the ACA for You

To meet the annual reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you need a system in place to compile and analyze data to determine the coverage and affordability of the ACA health care plans. You need an ACA specialist like those you’ll find at Platinum Group. The benefits are clear:

  • Avoid costly and avoidable penalties.
  • Provide your employees with insurance benefits that lead to a high retention rate.
  • Empower a team of loyal employees to make energetic contributions to your company’s mission.
  • Focus on the success of your company, knowing that Platinum Group has your back.

When employees know you’re looking out for them, they can focus on doing their best at work. Platinum Group handles all your federal compliance requirements for healthcare, taking the stress of the ACA off your plate and out of your mind.

Platinum’s Secret Weapon: iSolved

Platinum Group offers expert insurance knowledge, patient customer service and the technology of iSolved, a cloud-based human capital management system that puts all your employee data into one secure, easy-to-use program. iSolved's robust ACA solutions ensure that you have accurate and complete data in place to complete all the required IRS forms. Armed with iSolved to accurately navigate the maze of federal requirements, you can concentrate on your core business.

If you need answers to your pressing questions, call 828-252-0029 or …

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Life, Dental, Vision...

Get Life, Dental, Vision, Disability, Long-Term Care and Supplemental Insurance

Whether your an individual or a business the benefit specialists at Platinum Group guide you through a process that evaluates your needs and your budget. In the end, you’ll have the right plan (if any) that's right for you, right now. As your needs change, Platinum is right there with you, evaluating your needs and helping you make the right decisions.

Among the other insurance options available to you are:




If you need help deciding what types of insurance fit your situation, call 828-252-0029 or …

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Get Your Very Own Insurance Specialist

You pay the same amount as you would doing it on your own or going through an insurance giant, and you get your own personal insurance superhero! 

1. We are here year-round, so we can help you if your circumstances or health insurance needs change.

2. We have a comfortable office and our agents are always available, so you can meet us face-to-face, anytime you need us.

3. We build relationships with you, so we anticipate your insurance needs.

4. We are members of your community, so your health and happiness is important to us.