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HR Powerhouse

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hr powerhouse - isolved hr demo

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Presented by Michelle Fleckner & Danielle Diaz - Platinum Group

It shouldn’t be so difficult for HR managers and business owners to manage the demands of employees. If you’re looking for a simplified way to manage employees and their data, Platinum Group’s iSolved HR Solution is the HR answer you’ve been looking for. In this HR demo, we will cover:

  • Onboarding
  • Digital employee records
  • Centralizing important employee documents
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Tracking FTE for ACA
  • PTO and accruals
  • Performance reviews
  • Trainings and certifications
  • HR reports

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Danielle Diaz is the HCM Operations Manager, and Michelle Fleckner is the VP of HCM Solutions.
Michelle Fleckner
Platinum Group
Danielle Diaz
Platinum Group
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