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You need someone who’s on your side, someone you can trust. The insurance specialists at Platinum Group guide you through a process that evaluates your needs and your budget. They can help you find the plan that's right for you.  

Understanding Medicare

Medicare is a federal program that provides health insurance for citizens 65 years old or older. It also covers some younger people who have disabilities and people with permanent kidney failure that requires a transplant or dialysis. Medicare is divided into distinct plans: A, B, C, and D:

What is Medicare A, B, C, and D?
Medicare Part A
Medicare Part A is hospital insurance that helps cover inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, hospice and home health care.
Medicare Part B
Medicare Part B is medical insurance that helps cover medically necessary doctor services and outpatient care. It also includes some preventive services to help you maintain good health and to keep certain illnesses from getting worse.Medicare supplement insurance is typically needed with original Medicare.
Medicare Part C
Medicare Part C is a Medicare Advantage health coverage choice, such as an HMO or PPO, which replaces Original Medicare. It provides all services covered under Part A and Part B, plus additional services to help you manage your health care. Most plans include the Part D prescription drug benefit, too. However, plans without drug coverage are also available.
Medicare Part D
Medicare Part D is Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage that helps cover the cost of prescription drugs.With Part D, the government pays a portion of certain prescriptions, so it may help lower your prescription drug costs. Not all prescription drugs are covered.  The government determines which drugs are covered.
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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Insurance, referred to as a "Medigap" plan, fills in the gaps left by Original Medicare Part A and Part B.  Sold by private insurance companies, these plans can help cover all, or a portion, of the co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles for benefits Medicare determines medically necessary.  Professional consultation is available to help in choosing the right plan with the right carrier.      

Medicare Advantage

  Explore personalized guidance and plan options that work for your unique needs.   Medicare Advantage plans combine all parts of Medicare Part A and Part B under one plan, and many plans also include Part D (prescription drug benefits), all for one premium. Medical and drug coverage under one plan can help you get more for your healthcare dollar.

Medicare Prescription Plans

 Offered by a number of major insurance plan sponsors, prescription drug plans help lower cost for prescription medications today and help protect against additional costs in the future.  We can guide the process of evaluating personal medication costs which can help you make the decision of what plan best fits your needs.

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