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(That's how most folks feel about COBRA.)

The English Channel was first successfully crossed by swimmer Captain Matthew Webb in 1875. Braving the 59 degree temperatures, Capt Webb set off from England and arrived in France 21 hours and 45 minutes later. After that, it took a whopping 80 attempts before there was a second, successful crossing. Since that time, 1,731 people have traversed the channel, completing 2,256 total crossings. Hats off to all those adventurous souls!

These are the metaphors that pop in my mind as I think of how challenging the world of payroll and HCM can be, and the tools that exist to help people manage them. Recently, we have launched another webinar to help navigate the complex world of COBRA law successfully to avoid costly fees and lawsuits. With its ever-changing nature, keeping up with COBRA is something that a third-party administrator can help with. Join us for our upcoming webinar that breaks down exactly what you need to know so you can focus on what you love about your business.


To Pavement, from the Sea

Okay, we did not swim the English Channel, but the hills -- oh my gosh!  On Friday, June 7th, several of the Platinum Group team braved the inescapable hilly terrain to complete the Chamber Challenge 5K. The turnout was great, and it was beautiful to walk the streets of historic Montford. And, kudos to the Platinum kids for completing their first 5K!

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New release goes live June 14th!

The following new features and development items are included in the iSolved release. For a full tutorial, click here.


  • Onboarding: Federal Reporting Data Screens
  • Employee Contact Information


  • Alert Occurrence Count Report
  • Review/Excuse Alerts
  • Accruals: New Carryover Option
  • User Preferences: Calendar Subscription

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Understanding COBRA Law

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) has been a law for over 30 years, but many business owners still do not understand what it requires of them. The law, designed to make sure that ex-employees still have insurance coverage ...

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How to Strengthen the Employee Bond

Happy Employees = Healthy Profits. Creating a positive work environment is key to a successful business. It plays an integral part in strengthening the bond with your team members, whom you actively rely upon everyday to help your business progress ...

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