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Sometimes a journey goes well beyond reach.

Have you ever held a seed in your hand and saw the world inside? Ever pondered where it might have come from? If you ever find yourself strolling through the Botanical Gardens at Asheville, you may come across a pretty spectacular tree. Although it is “just a common sycamore,” its journey is somewhat unbelievable. It was once hidden away in a secret spot to grow, to keep it safe from thievery. Why all the fuss to protect it?

Gifted to the Botanical Gardens and planted on Arbor Day, March 19, 1976, this tree was born from a seed which traveled on the January 31, 1971 Apollo 14 flight to the Moon!

It just goes to show our true potential is usually more than we realize.

What if the Sky’s NOT the Limit?

At a recent breakfast hosted by LEADERSHIP ASHEVILLE, the discussion was about how to create a connected community. One panelist that was particularly moving was Amy Cantrell, of BeLoved Asheville. She shed light on a harsh reality that many kids living right in the heart of Asheville have never been and can not afford to attend a theatre performance, or a local ball game. This sparked an idea.

Eliada was very receptive to joining us at the Asheville Tourists game, and brought a group of young adults that are overcoming obstacles to transition from foster care to independence, and are putting forth great effort to create a good life for themselves. We were so grateful they could come, and it taught us to broaden our scope of connection beyond the business relationships we have in our community.

Here, and in upcoming issues, we will also be highlighting organizations that are making a big impact on our community.


BELOVED ASHEVILLE A community deeply rooted in Love and Justice. 

Some of the amazing projects BeLoved Asheville has created include the BeLoved Asheville Village that provides deeply affordable, community-oriented, sustainable tiny homes that produce equity for the residents.They also have a Kids/Youth Build initiative where the kids will fully sponsor, fund and build a tiny home in the village.  

To learn more, visit them here.


ELIADA Helping Children Succeed. 

Providing services for over 700 children and youth, they partner with families to offer support (like basic needs and positive child and youth development) from cradle to career. Eliada has continually adapted to the needs they see in the community which has made them a powerful force in the positive development of our youth. Eliada maintains a 5-Star Child Development Center, Residential and Day Treatment mental health programs, Foster Care services, and Workforce Development programming.

To learn more, visit them here.

“Look to the moon when you swing.” ~ ALESSANDRA TORRE


The Platinum Team enjoyed two great nights at the ball game in one of the Tourists VIP Suites. Yummy food, fun games, and a rare opportunity to be close to the players warming up. One of them even tossed a Platinum kid a ball! Thank you to the Eliada family for joining us for one of the nights. A great time had by all!



With the robustness and scalability of the iSolved system, we are finding it helpful to address the specialized implementation and support needs of our clients by allocating specific responsibilities to our team. Danielle Diaz has now moved into the role of Implementation Director. If you are a small business with payroll processing needs, or a large corporation that requires the full spectrum of services from payroll to HCM, Danielle can build out as basic or broad a system as needed. Then, to give more attention to specific support needs, Tasha McCormick is now our Customer Support Manager.



When we think of keeping employers and employees connected and thriving, the work we do to simplify, streamline and support businesses with Benefit Administration is at the top of the list. When employees are engaged and happy, retention increases greatly, and a business has room to focus on desired growth. Read more in the blogs below, or listen to one of our pre-recorded webinars here for the most up to date tools for benefit administration.


Cutting-Edge Benefit Administration Solutions

Increasing Overall Company Performance with Strategic Benefits Packages. As our booming economy transitions from the employer-driven era to the candidate-driven job market, strategic benefits packages have never been more important for improving overall company performance ...

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Understanding COBRA Requirements

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) has been a law for over 30 years, but many business owners still do not understand what it requires of them. The law, designed to make sure that ex-employees still have insurance coverage ...

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It has been wonderful to sit with the team and dream up what's next. We have spent some time talking about how we can become even more connected to our clients and community. Volunteering with non-profits and giving our clients a platform to tell their stories are some of the ways we are stepping into connection.

We are grateful for each and every one of you. Please let us know how we can serve you, and if there is ever a topic at the forefront of your business to which we can be a helpful resource.

Be Well,




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