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There is a distinctive point in autumn when a noticeable shift hits the light. It hangs just a wee bit lower in the sky, telling of the darker days ahead. Instantly a mood is sparked and the adventure begins.

One tale that illuminates this so beautifully, is the documentary/fable, Honeyland, where we find Hatidze — the last-known wild beekeeper … in the world ... braving a narrow cliff-side passage in mountainous Macedonia to a hollow in the rock where the wild bees dwell. She gathers the bees in a skep while singing to them and brings them back to her remote village.

Here, she spends arid sunny days tending to them in the ancient dry-stacked stone structures that surround her humble home, and candle-lit nights caring for her blind and crippled mother in the tiny hovel that they share — where quiet envelopes the last two remaining in their long-abandoned village.

As Hatidze works with the bees, the magic of the collective comes into view. Though her only source for survival, when harvesting honey, she honors the bees’ request: always “taking half, leaving half.”

honey in hand

… a perfect metaphor for when we each bring our strengths and work together – the end-product is stunning. Whether your team lies within your business walls, or beyond with out-sourced specialty help, working in harmony lends a priceless impact.


Before we move on, a few bee colony facts ...

  • A typical hive is populated by 20,000 to 60,000 female worker bees, with male drones numbering only in the hundreds, and 1 queen.
  • Should you spot a swarm of bees, you can contact a swarm list to come gather them for you. These beekeepers will be elated to take them off your hands (honey bees that have swarmed are usually docile and not aggressive).
  • Honey has been found in Egyptian Pharaoh’s tombs, 2,000 years old, perfectly fresh and edible.
  • And finally, upon taking flight from the hive, bees fly ... toward the light.

Stepping into the Hive

The bees have done their job, and there is a hive of activity this time of year in Asheville and beyond. Here are a few regional favorites that you won’t want to miss.

JUSTUS ORCHARD has been growing apples for over four generations. Stroll through picturesque lanes between many apple varieties, and don’t forget to visit the barn for home made cider and doughnuts.

LEAF Festival is “an inter-generational celebration of world culture that uses music, arts, and creativity to champion artistic expression, instill cultural competency, and build a diverse & welcoming community.” It is just around the corner, happening October 17th - 20th, but you should order tickets now.

ASHEVILLE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE has an extensive event calendar. Here are a few of many September events on their site:
september-keepingupwithteam (2)

queen.bee.1MORE CAKE, PLEASE! Another Happy Birthday goes out to Rayenelle Ritchie. What fun it was to gather in the break room and celebrate! Enthusiastic plug: Rayenelle paints beautiful barn quilts like the bee above, along with crafting other useful things like this enameled “Queen Bee mug.” To find her work, or sign up for a class, follow her at Three Busy Bees Creations on Facebook, or @three_busy_bees_creations on Instagram.


A WARM WELCOME We are very excited to announce the newest members of our Payroll and Accounting teams.



Sassi Roberts

With over a decade of experience in the Human Resources and recruiting industry, and in-depth experience with our HCM and Payroll platform iSolved, Sassi will be invaluable to our clients and our team, as our new Customer Support Manager. 




Andrea Ward

Andrea was the first, full time employee for Platinum Group at its start in 2001 (then, Murphy Accounting Solutions). In 2005, she then went on to W. Wall and Company, wearing many hats including Bookkeeping, HR, Compliance, Trading, Marketing and Service. Her long-time experience will be invaluable in her new role as Accounting Specialist for Platinum Group. Welcome back, Andrea!  


FULL SPEED AHEAD  Last week, Michael dove into the Leadership Asheville program. As they mapped out what non-profits they will engage projects with, he felt the positive momentum of the program and is looking forward to the exciting days ahead.


KEEPING UP WITH TAX PREPARATION This is the time of year that we help educate folks on the essentials of tax preparation and planning. Packets for 2019 will be sent to clients by the end of October, and are due to be returned by December or early January. Read our two new blogs below for more information on accounting and leadership development.


3 Smart Strategies to Inspire & Engage Your Employees

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I welcome the change of weather, as it lends to very pleasant conditions for biking and hiking in our beautiful mountains. With the excitement of change and growth for Platinum Group, we look forward to serving you, as always, with connection and care.

Be Well,



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