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“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” ~ ELIZABETH EDWARDS

Dear Readers, Community, Friends,

If you have noticed the valuable growth opportunities life has presented as of late (patience, tolerance, introspection, and a swift shift to remote work skills), but also the enormity of effort it seems to take these days to gain full advantage, well, you are right on track. When it is clear how little control or autonomy we have over external circumstances, the choice on how we are going to “be” in the world is where the value resides.

Read on to hear a few ways you can have fun while supporting great causes, access a resource list for mental health, and read some tips in our blog about helping your team weather today’s storms with resilience.

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Supporting Music and Arts:

The silence from cancelled live music events from Asheville’s beloved's Orange Peel and other venues due to the pandemic has been deafening (click the video above to learn more).

Because of the way the PPP and other programs are structured, they are not an option for music venues and community theatres, which may result in many of them closing their doors forever if they do not get the assistance they need. Please visit #SaveOurStages to add your voice to the cause for Congress to support these venues. There, you can fill out a simple form and support the vital legislation needed to weather this storm.

One exciting new solution to ease our live music woes in Asheville is a new venue called Rabbit Rabbit, created from a partnership between The Orange Peel and Asheville Brewing Company. This fully open-air venue will offer live music, movie screenings and community events. Click here to learn more.

Asheville Chamber Resources and Events:

The Asheville Chamber has a page with an abundance of resources for Strengthening Mental Wellness.

And, mark your calendars and register in advance for these fun, upcoming events:

September 1: 2020 Chamber Classic Golf Tournament - in-person
September 14-25: 2020 Virtual Chamber Challenge 5K Race


With a growing number of businesses keeping their workforce remote, we wanted to share some facets of our iSolved HR/Payroll platform that can be very useful.


iSolved Mojo: Engage & Perform

Mojo is multi-directional engagement that starts with the employee.

Employees want tools that help them stay connected, share ideas, seek help, and collaborate. Employers want to improve productivity, find, retain, and develop top talent, and reward innovation and success.

Mojo delivers a better work life by doing all of that and more. Mojo provides a personalized dashboard, lively feed wall, and tools for idea and knowledge sharing. Want to know what mojo is zipping through your organization? Use pulse surveys or crowdsource an idea with a team or the entire company. Praise team members when they have their mojo working. Let your key talent achieve true mojo status and earn points and even cool stuff from your company by collaborating, sharing and helping.


Speaking of fun: a huge congratulations to Reza Setayesh of BimBeriBon for beating Bobby Flay on the Food Network with his Jian Bing recipe!  You have made Asheville proud! Be sure to support your local restaurants during this pandemic. BimBeriBon has patio seating, an outdoor to-go window, and weekly themed group dinners to-go called Big Bountiful Bags – yum!

We are proud to serve Reza and the BBB team for their payroll. Read their amazing story here:  And So We Weave.


Essential Tools for the Remote Workplace

The term “pivot” gets thrown around the world of business often, but rarely has every industry been forced to pivot at once like they were in 2020. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response has forced all companies to reassess how they do business and how they work. Due to national and global lockdown restrictions intended to promote better public health, any company that can offer telecommuting for its employees has shifted to remote work. 

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6 Tips for Remaining Resilient during the Pandemic

Today, most companies are experiencing widespread transformation, uncertainty, and ambiguity as a result of the impact of the pandemic. On the other hand, employees have no option but to remain engaged and productive, embrace new processes and technology, actively fine-tune their skills and competencies, and adapt to the evolving workplace as well.

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This year, pivoting has become an essential skill for many businesses. I have been inspired by new solutions our clients have implemented (like BimBeriBon’s to-go dinners, and The Orange Peel/Asheville Brewing Company’s new outdoor venue RabbitRabbit), along with how quickly other businesses have shifted to remote work structures.

Responding quickly and effectively to the demands of the time and keeping your teams connected and supported builds immense resiliency. I feel very grateful to be a part of such an innovative and collaborative community.

Just a note: as important changes develop for PPP loans and employment law, we will continue to hold our COVID-19 Webinar Series. To receive invitations to future webinars, sign up here.  View recordings here.

Be Well,



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