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“Love and trust, in the space between what’s said and what’s heard in our life, can make all the difference in the world.~ MR. ROGERS

Dear Readers, Community, Friends,

If we were to meet at the fence that divides our two worlds, the goal would not be to switch sides, or exchange one’s shoes for the others. Because in that moment, it would be impossible to know the long journey the other has tread. It seems best to do as Lennon Flowers and the Reverend Jennifer Bailey say in episode 772 of the On Being: “to stand as witness and accompany each other on this journey to being human.” As the host Krista Tippett describes, “Together Lennon and Jennifer have made over 1500 ‘People’s Suppers’ happen across the political chasms of the last few years. In the words they use, the practices they cultivate, the way they think — they issue an invitation to something different from ‘safe space’ to ‘brave space.’”

It is good to hear of community healing initiatives like this, but if you are feeling too overwhelmed, maybe start with just stepping outside one evening this week and try to catch a glimpse at one of the meteor showers that are happening now, and realize that – whether or not we understand why – we all live under the same sky.


Have a quick listen (just 4 minutes) to Gil Winch, as he gives invaluable advice on bringing out the best of an interviewee.

Gil and his team developed a reverse-screening process which eliminates the traditional interrogation interview model (where the only people that usually do well are those that thrive in stressful environments). This new method helps to set an inviting atmosphere where the potential employee functions at their best, which opens the doorway to a larger pool of applicants that commonly get eliminated during the initial screening process.

COVID-19 Webinar Series

When new need arises, we will conduct more COVID-19 webinars. For now, visiting past recordings can be helpful to answer any questions you may have.

View recordings here


How Failing Forward Propels Company Growth

The biggest problem in a stalled growth trajectory for a company has nothing to do with the failures it has along the way. Instead, it is entirely about not learning from those failures and growing from them.

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The Business of Gratitude

Possessing the ability to see the positive aspects and potential in any situation has far reaching effects into the quality of our business and personal lives. It relieves stress, cultivates joy and generosity, and improves our relationships with those around us. So how can these benefits translate into our working lives?

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Although our meetings have been virtual, I have delighted in the past few weeks to meet, check in, and do tax planning with our clients. The web of alterations to 2020 tax law was vast, and a little relief should be ahead for the year to come.

With the complexities that COVID brings to the holidays, I wish all of you well as you connect in whatever way you deem essential with your loved ones.

Be well,



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