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    12 Steps to Better Number Crunching

    Presented by Audra Gaiziunas, CEO of Brewed for Her Ledger & Bhramari Brewing

    We have all heard the term "cash is king", and this couldn't be more true in the craft beer industry. There are numerous financial mistakes startups and even existing brewers make on a regular basis that put them in a bind during their most critical time of growth. As a consultant to 110+ breweries over the past 9 years, Audra Gaiziunas has seen many of the same mistakes repeated time and time again, from coast to coast. Learn what the most common ones have been and how to avoid them as you launch or expand your operations.

    In this webinar we will:
    • Delve into some of the brewing industry's most common financial hiccups
    • Understand why many of these mistakes happen
    • Discuss practical solutions to each mistake
    • Provide a framework for strategic financial thinking
      (This is a recording of a previously live event.)
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