We value our community. By investing our dollars and efforts in local organizations, we can make a difference and keep our community supported and connected.


100+ Women Who Care - Asheville

Here’s how it works: The women meet quarterly to vote for a WNC non-profit to receive the donation. Each person in the group pledges $100, so the recipient receives $10,000 for their cause.  Prior to the meeting, non-profits of WNC are nominated, and of those, 3 are chosen to present (they draw the names out of a hat!). After the 3 present their cause, the women vote for to award the donation. It is so moving to hear of how each of these organizations are supporting our city.

There is usually not a dry eye in the house after the presentations, and opportunities exist to make additional donations to the 2 non-profits not chosen that evening. And – organizations can be nominated again in the future, so many opportunities exist for wide-spread support. 

It has been such an amazing experience to be part of this group. If you would like to become part of this group of women making a difference, please visit their website here.


Volunteering for MANNA Food Bank

We love volunteering at MANNA FoodBank, a staple in food support for our community. Pictured here, the Platinum Team bagged crates and crates of apples, sorting out the bad apples that were thankfully moving on to become a big treat for some lucky pigs. To volunteer with MANNA Food Bank, you can sign up to volunteer here, or give a monetary donation here.

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OpenDoors Asheville

OpenDoors’ mission is to “Strengthen community by eliminating the race-based opportunity and achievement gap for students through education.”

Like many organizations, keeping up with the daily tasks is ongoing. The Platinum team spent a day giving their teaching space a refresh, hanging artwork created by students, and doing some bookkeeping and spreadsheet tasks – our specialty.

What an amazing organization. To learn more and support OpenDoors, please visit their website here.

Together we can help our local businesses and community thrive.
Our CEO, Michael Murphy is passionate about supporting and connecting with our local non-profits. Below is a list of current and past boards in which he serves:
Learn more about the Platinum Team.
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