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Company executives, legal teams, and HR managers have been in a constant state of nervous apprehension through 2020. In addition to the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, exposure to legal liability due to workplace safety issues, layoffs, remote work, FMLA, security, diversity, and...


The greatest business leaders of all time are seldom people who sit behind an executive desk and bark out orders to their subordinates. They may have moments when taking the reins is an absolute necessity, but it is rarely the case that they get very far without listening to others and...


This year brought about unprecedented change, both in our personal and professional lives. Pivoting, innovation, as well as complicated and ever-changing compliance laws were just a few of the themes with which businesses and HR professionals were grappling. But with this immense demand on our...

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Americans have not reached a post-COVID era just yet. Significant numbers of new cases are still being recorded every day, and virtually all scientific and medical experts anticipate a difficult winter ahead. At the same time though, we’re beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel....


The biggest problem in a stalled growth trajectory for a company has nothing to do with the failures it has along the way. Instead, it is entirely about not learning from those failures and growing from them. Many of the greatest companies that have ever existed only managed to get where they...


The COVID-19 pandemic changed how Americans work and how businesses will operate. While some employees will continue to work from home in Coronavirus’s wake, others are eagerly returning to their positions in offices and plants across the nation and our home state of North Carolina.


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