‘At what point did you realize that the world needs you?’ ~ Kevin “Doc” Klein

In a time when the world seems to be spinning in so many directions at once – where vast change and stagnation from the pandemic go hand-in-hand – clarity is a must. While there lies a huge opportunity to grow from all...


It is nearly unnecessary for Andy Gibbon of Dynamite Roasting Company to speak his story – his smile, his eyes, say it all. He loves people. Community. Music, and of course, Coffee. When we do sit down to chat all things Dynamite, the lack of hesitation to find his words displays a man who lives...


You might think that art holds its value when standing quietly in front of it, admiring its line, color and composition. But what of it as a companion in the night when no light reflects its beauty? Betsy-Rose of American Folk Art Gallery & Framing has discovered this eternal quality to the art and...


You might hear the crackling of a fire, and you might see a broken ray of light stir the dust in the air from the dirt floor room. And when the turn of the big metal spoon stirs the goodness in the kettle, you might get your first whiff of spice. Something as old as time, but alive, ... here, right...


When it comes to actualizing top physical potential, Hugh Hines has figured out the perfect formula: highly intentional workouts, in a short amount of time [under 20 minutes], and the best part — you don’t even have to change out of your work clothes [no sweat!]. He’s teaching others, whose lives...


It’s no small feat, but for Jodie Appel, offering Asheville a curated collection of healing found from her worldly travels is just what she has set out to do. With the Asheville Salt Cave team, they have created a unique oasis — right in the heart of Asheville — that is truly transportive. It’s an...


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