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human resources

Innovating the way you connect with your people.

  iSolved Human Resources is the technology that empowers organizations to do more. It spans the entire employee life cycle, provides insight to your workforce and drives performance. Transform the way you manage your most important asset - your people.

Here's how our Human Resources solutions can help

PTO/Vacation Accrual
iSolved’s web-browser based service makes it easy for employers and employees to view and manage their PTO and vacation balances.
iSolved HR eliminates the need to manually track important employee certification expiration dates and awards. Managers can store and schedule employee training and re-certification programs from a single secure platform.
Performance Management
iSovled’s Performance Review solution allows managers to speed up and simplify the employee review process. Managers can automate the review process with different types of reviews, rating scales and schedules.
Disciplinary Actions
Track employee records and disciplinary actions taken to maintain a complete and thorough employee file.
Online Document Storage
Managers can securely and efficiently manage employees’ files with Platinum Group’s Online Document Storage. Records and important documents are securely stored, protected from unauthorized users and easily located in iSolved’s cloud-based platform.
OSHA Incidents
iSolved's OSHA tracking allows managers to track incidents from multiple locations while eliminating turnaround time of your first report for injury forms. Easily produce the 300, 300A and 301 reports automatically.

Learn More about our other payroll services

Learn More about our other payroll services


HR Support Center

Your Ultimate Guide for HR Support.
With iSolved's HR Support Center, your company can virtually outsource their HR department and simplify the HR process. The HR Support Center is an easy, efficient solution to help manage your HR compliance and employee relations while providing protection and a piece of mind to clients.
Employee Handbook
An employee handbook is an organization's foundation for building strong employee relations. It is also an opportunity to provide integral company culture and knowledge, reduce potential lawsuits and stay current with regulations. iSolved’s online employee handbook can be customized to meet your specific business needs while rapidly onboarding employees to join your organization.
Employee Benefits
iSolved’s HR Support Center gives employers and employees with the hottest benefits trends and compliancy changes. This employee benefits portal offers templates for forms, letters and training. It also provides up to date information on laws and policies.
HR Forms
Whether you’re looking for something as simple as a time off request form or as complex as an IRS form, it’s all on our HR platform. iSolved's HR Support Center has state, federal and general HR forms for your most important employee needs.
Customizable Job Descriptions
Anyone from supervisors to human resource managers will enjoy using iSolved’s job description toolkit and templates to write an effective job description to attract the most qualified candidates. Human resource managers can create and save job descriptions that can be used on multiple positions.
Solutions designed to meet your needs.
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