HCM for executives


The Full Employee Financial Picture

Leading an organization is a challenging task. Overseeing the entire organization’s operations can be demanding and sometimes overwhelming. Cloud HCM technology today is a foundational solution to help executives make strategic plans for growth and develop best practices. 

isolved’s human capital management (HCM) cloud platform allows executives and CHRO’s to put your people at the center of your growth strategy. isolved’s single cloud HCM database combined with robust reporting and analytics allows executives to uncover hard  number savings while increasing operational employee efficiency. 

With isolved, executives have the accessibility and visibility to view problem areas and avoid costly errors from misinformed data. Our executive dashboard is fed data from real time processing and allows executives to receive the most up to date information about their organization.

Platinum Group Executive HCM Console
  • Reduce risks, increase visibility and gain better access to your talent 
  • Over 300 canned reports
  • Executive analytic dashboard
  • Departmental growth
  • Turnover trends
  • Job/cost analysis
  • Employee historical data
  • Automate the entire hire to retire process
  • Streamline talent acquisition, onboarding, HR, payroll, time & attendance and benefits administration
  • Contain and reduce employee management and administrative costs
  • Increase HR efficiency and performance
  • Prevent wage overages and shortages by automating roles through cost and job specification
  • Reduce excess human capital costs
  • Drive down costs and complexities of management
  • Eliminate manual processes, stacks of forms and the trouble of tracking multiple logins
  • Help your organization maintain its ACA compliance
  • Simplify the management of critical employee data in a centralized database
  • Develop HR best practices
  • Employee self service portal for pay stubs, benefits, update personal information, etc.
  • Manage workforce compliance requirements
  • Ensure organization health and wellness programs match company handbooks 
  • Eliminate compliance gaps with:
    • HR/ACA compliance
    • Workman’s comp
    • Certifications
    • Permits
  • Easily add new locations and employees
  • Retain and attract employees to support growth
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