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    Attracting and Engaging Talent Webinar

    Attracting and Engaging Talent: A Strategy to Win

    Presented by Drew Pollick, Craft HR Solutions

    Businesses thrive as a result of their talent. Attracting, hiring and engaging that talent is a mission critical task for both leaders and HR in the modern economy. To win, organizations must have cohesive strategies, effective processes, and the right leaders. What causes employees to leave organizations? What can organizations do to better retain and engage their workforce? What do candidates find attractive about organizations and how do you connect with them?

    In the webinar we will:

    • Review the causes of turnover
    • Identify elements of a talent acquisition strategy to attract and hire the best talent for your organization
    • Highlight tactics that can support your engagement strategy
    • Outline a framework that can help you improve your organization's success at winning the war for talent
      (This is a recording of a previously live event.)
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