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    Effortless Payroll: iSolved Payroll Demo

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    Presented by Michelle Fleckner & Danielle Diaz - Platinum Group

    Payroll should be a simple and effortless process that can be repeated on a regular basis regardless the number of employees, pay rates, locations and deductions. Having an efficient and trusted payroll solution can make the difference in your company’s ability to grow and allows more time for special projects. In this iSolved payroll demo, we will cover:

    • How to set up new employee in minutes
    • Add and manage multiple divisions and locations
    • Payroll – View all employees, payroll registry and summary
    • Direct deposit, pay card, paper check
    • View employee by hourly, salary, 1099, role, rate, location, division, EIN, etc.
    • Deductions, benefits, 401K, HSA
    • Quarterly and annual taxes
    • Payroll reports – payroll tax, workers comp., PTO, accruals, 941

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