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    Eliminate HR chaos in just four weeks!


    HR Transformation Challenge


    Platinum Group is hosting a free “HR Transformation Challenge” scheduled to take place each week during the month of September 2018. Each webinar will be hosted by Michelle Fleckner, VP of HR Payroll at Platinum Group. The HR Transformation Challenge is a four part series that consists of specific topics  on how to Attract, Retain, Engage & Manage employees and their data. The goal is to transform your biggest HR challenges in just 4 weeks! Are you up for a challenge? 

    Platinum Group is a leading HR payroll and accounting firm that offers solutions that streamline your workflow so you can focus more on your favorite parts of running your company. Whether it's our accounting service, industry-leading HR solutions, or simplified payroll service, our team enjoys everything you don't so you can grow your business.


    Topics include: Attract. Engage, Retain & Manage

    • ATTRACT: Gain the necessary tools to bolster company brand to attract top talent, learn how to repair a tarnished corporate image, create a unified hiring process and provide prospective employees with a digital glance into the organization.
    • RETAIN: Learn how to use digital processes and workflows to keep employees from leaving your organization.
    • ENGAGE: Dive deep into the topics of how to engage employees through communication, feedback, reviews and more.
    • MANAGE: Use structure, workflows, analytics and reporting to simplify managing employees and their data.

    Why Good Talent Keeps Passing You Over

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    What can your company do to ATTRACT top talent? With unemployment rates extremely low, finding valuable resources can be difficult. Take a look at where your company is currently at. Are you using outdated HR practices or overwhelmed with the array of recruiting platforms? What does a prospective employee see when they take a look into your organization. Is your hiring process working? How could it be better improved?

    Bio Coming Soon.

    Why Are People Leaving Your Organization

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    As a company are you finding it hard to keep jobs filled within your organization. Are you experiencing a high turnover rate? Organizations have to dig deep to find the root cause of why employees are  quitting their jobs and taking their talents to competitors. Is it personal reasons, nature of the job, poor management, lack of structure or substandard pay and benefits?

    Bio Coming Soon.

    Keeping Employees Engaged in the New Workforce

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    Organizations must provide elements to employees that keep them engaged along with building a loyal bond between employee and company. Employees love to know that the work they’re doing is meaningful. Management must be hands-on to know what’s going on in the workplace and let employees know they can put their trust in the leadership of the company. Strong bonds between employees have proven to provide a positive work experience.

    Bio Coming Soon.

    Stop the Madness of Managing Employee Data

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    Do you find yourself looking for a certain document, but can’t find it due to having papers scattered across your office? Or trying to stay on top of employees’ certifications, training's, performance reviews and more? Managing employee data can be stressful! Recently it has become even more difficult managing employee data. Compliance and regulation requirements are ever changing and more information has to be documented. There is  every day pressure to meet internal management and employee expectations in a timely manner.

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