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Platinum Group's Partner Spotlight

    Stronger Together

    Platinum Group partners with leading solution and service providers to achieve our shared goal of helping clients create success. We collectively work to address complex challenges businesses face in managing their organization. From financial support, HR guidance to legal advice, we invite you to meet our community of support!

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    Partner Spotlight: Kaplan CFO Solutions 

    You may think of your company as local or regional, but you compete against the world. You have a goal and a vision, but what about the financial expertise and leadership to take you where you want to go? Kaplan CFO Solutions is a team of veteran CFO's who provide fractional financial and business leadership for growing companies and those in transition. With a unique business model, diverse professional network and extensive business management experience, we can help companies like yours overcome the challenges in realizing your goals.

    Our Services
    Embedded Engagement
    An embedded Kaplan CFO provides experienced financial leadership leadership, without the cost of a full time C-level employee. It is designed for companies who need veteran financial leadership but are not yet ready for a full-time CFO.

    • Engage your CFO: Each member of the Kaplan CFO staff has a range of industry expertise and personal strengths. We ensure your CFO is the best match for your needs, based on their skill set and availability.
    • Establish your Schedule: Your objectives help determine the number of days your CFO will be on site each week. Initial contracts have four-month minimum and can be extended as needed.
    • Define the Payment Process: Your contract price reflects the total number of hours your CFO works on-site. You pay your CFO according to your normal payroll process and Kaplan CFO provides healthcare insurance and any other employee benefits.

    Project Engagement
    A project engagement is ideal for companies who require specific expertise for individual projects, such as due diligence, debt/equity funding, debt restructuring or business plan development.

    • Engage a Project Manager: The Kaplan CFO team has expertise in all phases of business operations. Projects are assigned based on partner availability and specific skill set.
    • Plan the Project: You and your manager will then establish project objectives, a schedule and budget. The schedule for shorter projects may simply include a start and end date. Extended projects may be broken down into phases.
    • Pricing and Payment: Your project manager's fee is based on their hourly rate. You are billed monthly for the actual number of hours worked, until the project is completed.

    We work on site - part of your management team, assuming all the responsibilities of a full-time CFO.
    We deliver measurable value - guarantee-beginning the first week.
    More than CFO's, we're experienced business managers who understand your toughest challenges.
    We're locally connected with strong professional relationships that we put to work for you.
    Our job is finished when you're on a firm financial footing, ready to hire a full-time CFO.

    Experienced Leadership
    Combined, the principals of Kaplan CFO Solutions offer more than 250 years of financial and business management experience in a wide variety of industries. Areas of expertise include:

    • Business Planning
    • Operations Management
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Financial Reporting
    • Risk Management
    • Human Resources
    • Funding Strategies
    • Exit Strategies
    • Tax Structure

    If you think you might benefit from the financial expertise and business experience of Kaplan CFO Solutions, we welcome the chance to talk to you. For more information regarding the value Kaplan CFO Solutions can bring to your business, please contact us.

    Phone: 828-424-7644 Ι Web: kaplancfo.com Ι Email: info@kaplancfo.com

    Let's work together

    Platinum Group's partner ecosystem is comprised of three categories that align to a partners primary model with ours; Service, Strategy and Solution. Each category highlights the value and offering they bring to a client. By partnering, we're stronger together in acheiving success. We invite you to join us in partnership!


    We would love to partner with you. Let's talk about it!
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