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    Tracking payroll, human resources, benefits, time and attendance in one system: simplicity at your fingertips. Platinum Group offers isolved, a cloud-based, human capital management (HCM) platform solution that allows businesses to easily manage their employee needs and data from a centralized, secure location. isolved is designed for employers who need to manage everything from processing time and attendance, to payroll, administration of benefits and human resources.

    Let Platinum Group Work for You

    We commit to provide the “Best in Class” services and solutions to our clients. Our dedicated team of experts partner with each client to create a strategic solution plan that supports our client’s timeline, objectives and financial goals. We constantly evolve our solutions and services and use the satisfaction and success of our clients as a mirror of our own.
    Provide anytime, anywhere access
    Ideal for companies with employees from 1-8000
    Personalized service and customer support
    Easy to use and simple to navigate
    Save time and money through automation

    HCM Solutions Designed to Fit your Business

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    Platinum Group Talent Acquisition
    Talent Acquisition

    iSolved's hire recruiting platform simplifies the process of attracting and qualifying premier talent. Using templates and the ability to post to multiple job boards at once saves valuable. Quickly funnel through prospects and pin point top talent with ease.


    Platinum Group Payroll Services
    Payroll Services

    Built from the ground up on the cloud - iSolved's payroll solution is a cutting-edge payroll processing technology. Our user friendly platform allows employers to easily add new employees and locations while simplifying any individual or departmental changes. Interconnected with other iSolved's solutions, employers can manage all of their employee needs in one location.


    Platinum Group Human Resources
    Human Resources

    iSolved helps you input, store and report all types of employee data. Whether you need to document a performance review, disciplinary action, tracking certificates, expiration dates or creating alerts for compliance regulations, iSolved is the answer for all of your HR needs. 

    Platinum Group Benefits Administration
    Benefits Administration

    iSolved's benefit administration simplifies and automates the open enrollment process. Employers can automate the enrollment period while giving employees an opportunity to view their plan options and make the best for themselves and their families. 


    Platinum Group Time & Attendance
    Time & Attendance

    Employers have the capability to track their employees' time and attendance, monitor meals, breaks, overtime, and manage comp time. Monitor errors and manage other time policies for complete and accurate time tracking management.


    Platinum Group Onboarding

    Bolster your professionalism with our iSolved onboarding solution. Managers can create a seamless new hire process that quickly adds employees into their organization. In addition to the standard federal and state requirements, employers can also add handbooks, videos, testing and training materials.


    iSolved Cloud HCM Platform
    Solutions designed to meet your needs
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    From mountains to sea, Platinum Group has you covered!

    Platinum Group is headquartered in Asheville and nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

    Known as North Carolina's financial center, Platinum Group's Charlotte office is located in the prestigious Queen City.

    Our Triad location serves the entire Piedmont area from Greensboro to Winston-Salem and High Point.

    As one of the fastest growing cities in the USA, Platinum Group's Raleigh location conveniently serves all of your needs.
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