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    Ready. Set. Grow - Predict & Manage Employee Growth

    Presented by Michelle Fleckner, VP of HCM Solutions, Platinum Group

    Steady and predictable growth is what every company strives for.  You don't need fortune cookies and lucky charms to predict and manage the employee growth needs for your company.  Ready. Set. Grow - Predict & Manage Employee Growth will discuss the common avenues of growth a company can take, the impacts of change to employees and infrastructure management suggestions to help maximize growth potential and mitigate risk.  

    In this webinar, participants will:

    • Explore what each type of growth is and how to measure the impact of change
    • Discover your biggest threats associated with growth and how to manage them
    • Identify critical roles for success and strategies for employee management
    • Learn how to effectively automate and track employee data and why analytics is critical in the success of an organization
    • Understand that with growth comes new legality requirements and how that can affect which route of growth a company may choose
      (This is a recording from a previously live event.)
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