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    Workplace Violence Prevention Training for Today’s Current Threats

    Presented by Patrick Gibney, Personal Safety Training Inc.

    Personal Safety Training Incorporated (PSTI) will provide us with an overview of what workplace violence is and the current picture of workplace violence across the United States.  PSTI will share insight from their hundreds of clients across public and private sectors why workplace violence is on the rise. PSTI will present what AVADE® training is and does your current Workplace Violence Prevention Training Program cover the needs of today’s workforce.  Understand the flexibility of the AVADE® training options along with the ability to tailor all of PSTI’s training programs to your Agency’s specific needs.

    In this webinar we will:

    • Define What is Workplace Violence
    • Review Workplace Violence Statistics and Why Workplace Violence is On The Rise?
    • Understand Why Your Agency Needs AVADE® Training
    • Present Training Options That Are Available To Your Agency
      (This is a recording of a previously live event.)
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