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From benefit enrollment to COBRA administration, our cloud-based platform makes these processes simple. Platinum Group’s isolved Benefit Enrollment technology allows employers to offer employees an easy online benefits enrollment experience. Employers can offer open enrollment, increase employee satisfaction and manage important employee data in one single database, creating a better experience for everyone.


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Here’s how our Benefit Enrollment solutions can help

Benefit Enrollment

isolved’s Benefit Enrollment solution allows benefits administrators to transition away from time consuming and complex paper based systems to an intuitive system employees love.

isolved’s single database HCM platform offers:

  • Complete benefit enrollment administration
  • Creates automated deductions for payroll
  • Benefit rates tables
  • Ties to ACA tracking & 1094/1095 reports
  • Supports differed comp plans
  • Historical and pending access
  • Affordability reports and affordability projection tool reports
  • COBRA/HIPPA Administration
  • Customizable benefits enrollment welcome 
  • Benefits Cost Analysis
  • Tracking status via dashboard and reports
  • Interconnected with Payroll and Time
Open Enrollment
isolved makes open enrollment simple and easy by allowing managers to create custom welcome messages specific for the team. They also make it easy for employees to review and acknowledge critical documents during the enrollment process. Email alerts can be scheduled to make sure enrollment deadlines aren’t missed.
Life Events
Certain events in your life can affect your benefits coverage. If you experience a qualifying life event, isolved helps manage and simplify the benefit changes that occur when something different happens.
Manually managing payroll with 401k deductions and recordkeeping wastes a ton of time. isolved’s cloud-based, single database payroll solution simplifies and automates this process. Your isolved payroll syncs with your deductions. Employers can easily add new employees, automatically update deferrals and communicate with participants as they become eligible.
Benefits Statement
Platinum Group makes generating Benefits Statements a breeze. Employers can empower employees with the ability to generate and update their employee benefits statements and information.
ACA Compliance
isolved’s robust ACA solutions ensure customers have accurate and complete data in place to complete the required IRS Forms 1094 and 1095. Forms will automatically populate based on eligibility rules. Designate aggregate group membership, minimum essential coverage and minimum value coverage and capture employee ACA status, benefit eligibility and offers of coverage.
Optional Cobra Service
As COBRA laws, administration, and compliance requirements are increasingly becoming more challenging, our isolved platform allows employers to maintain documentation, update required notices, and keep up with legislative changes to stay in compliance. Our COBRA service includes: New Enrollee Notices, Qualifying Event Notices, Premium Collection, and Eligibility Management Services.
Optional Carrier Connect
Connect isolved to benefit carriers and simplify your benefits process. Employers can easily manage benefits through isolved and all updates are automatically transmitted to the benefit carriers as often as needed. isolved can support multiple insurance carriers through an automated interconnected, simplified process.
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Solutions designed to meet your needs.
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