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Not Your Average Insurance Agent

by Leanna Miller / April 9, 2015

Tasha McCormick isn’t your average insurance agent. Bouncing in her chair, eyes sparkling, she tells me about her past life as a wedding planner, her decision to live life a little more slowly, and her unexpected zeal for health insurance.

(For more information about why many people use an agent, click here.)


Tasha is married to the love of her life, Fred, who writes for the Black Mountain Newspaper. Together, they have an adorable daughter named Kaleyse, who is three. Tasha’s family, originally from Florida, fell in love with the area after Tasha moved here. They followed her to the Asheville area shortly after Tasha and Fred married.

People and family have always been the center of Tasha’s life. She’s worked in group homes (where she met her husband), as a nanny for an NFL player, and as a wedding planner. She describes herself as a helper and a fixer, always eager to please others.


It is that eagerness to please, that helper nature, that draws Tasha to insurance. She wanted a career that allowed for a healthy work-family balance, and Platinum Exchange was a perfect fit. Plus, she loves helping her clients find the right insurance plans for them and their families.

Smiling, Tasha talks about how she hears so many stories about how having access to health insurance has allowed people to start a new business, go to the doctor for the first time, and even saved lives. (If you're not sure you need insurance, click here.)

Tasha is compassionate, personable, and deeply knowledgeable – and she could be your insurance agent! There's a Special Enrollment Period now through the end of April for people who still lack insurance. Contact Tasha as soon as you can here -



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