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Free Onboarding Tips

Engage new employees right away with our easy Onboarding Wizard. Employers can customize and automate the entire HR process, creating a better experience for new hires. Employers can build new employee automated workflow processes that includes new hire paperwork, training materials and videos.  Provide a seamless training experience with critical company information that can be updated and managed from one single database.

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Here’s how our Onboarding solution can help

Paperless Process
Eliminate new hire paper processes through isolved’s Onboarding feature which provides automated workflows and document storage. Going paperless is good for the environment and an effective way to find employee documents when needed.
Improve Efficiency
New hires, managers and HR departments love the efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility provided by isolved’s automated Onboarding solution. isolved’s Onboarding functionality streamlines the new hire process and interconnects employee information directly into a single database. Managers can access and manage employee information while simplifying the new hire experience for employees.
I-9 and E-Verify
Say goodbye to manual paperwork and greet new hires with a seamless I-9 and E-Verify® process that uses electronic onboarding forms (no paper necessary). By choosing to interconnect I-9 and E-Verify® software, employers benefit from paperless preparation, electronic signing, forms storage, auditing and E-Verify® submission.
Remain Compliant
Manage and strengthen your workforce with highly configurable reporting while easily onboarding your talent and pulling compliance reports.
Forms Stored
All documents within the Onboarding module are instantly accessible and ready for review in isolved. Seamlessly manage onboarding and compliance documentation, all in a single database. Workflow automation enables easy implementation, collection tracking, and storage of all forms and documents
New Employee Checklist
Help new employees feel welcomed and supported even before they start by creating a new hire check list. Employers can select from several onboarding templates and create a custom training schedule of activities and configure layers of approval with a contingent completion check list. Managers can embed links for tutorials, documents, and videos.  
Solutions designed to meet your needs.
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