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Great people make great businesses. Managing those people well is one of the most critical functions in business. Most companies struggle because they have too many solutions managing the employee experience. Our Talent Acquisition solution handles every step of the process from hiring to retiring. Growth happens when you have the right people in place. isolved helps you attract the right people to your team so your company can exceed your goals.

Download this eBook that highlights unique circumstances that HR teams are facing when recruiting applicants and keeping workforces happy, including: Attracting Top Talent, Recognizing Hard Work, and Retaining High Performers.

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Here’s how our Talent Acquisition solutions can help

Employer Branding
Capturing the interest of today’s professionals requires proactive nurturing and a standout employer brand. Employers attract the right people, fill jobs faster, and improve your candidate relationship management when the company is positioned well. Employers can match unique job skills with employee talents and track the hiring process from job posting to hire.
Bolster Your Professionalism

A visible, credible electronic presence is critical if you want to make an impact and impress new talent with your organization. Employees today expect their employers to provide them with an electronic interface to welcome them to your company.

Employers use iSolved’s Onboarding and New Hire solutions to create a private and welcoming experience that confidently shows that you’re a tech-savvy company. Employees can begin their new hire process and learn about your organization at their convenience and comfort. 

Employee Analytics

iSolved’s Attract & Hire solutions provides HR teams and managers with the transparency into their organization that is needed to effectively manage and respond to employee demands. iSolved’s analytical reporting allows managers to drill down and effectively measure, troubleshoot and forecast the success and failure of each job. 

Employers have hundreds of options to generate insightful data that creates new ways to engage with employees and retain better talent.


Social Recruiting
Drive awareness to your jobs through our modern approach to recruiting the 21st century job seeker. iSolved’s mobile friendly platform gives candidates a quick and easy way to show they’re interested in working for your company. Candidates use the mobile feature for interview scheduling, resume uploads and sign up for scheduled job fairs. Be more strategic in attracting talent by posting to multiple job boards and create better advertising events.
Automated Recruiting Platform
isolved’s cloud-based HR Payroll platform transforms time consuming processes with effective automation and cost effective solutions. Our suite of solutions and tools provides managers with the capability to track recruiting, onboarding, and regulatory pre-employment processes.
Digitally Empower
iSolved Attract & Hire creates a single point of access for managers to post job requirements to multiple job boards. Managers can customize job applications, filter through candidates and schedule and manage interviews.
Solutions designed to meet your needs.
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