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Handling Conflict - What's Wrong With You

by Michelle Fleckner / January 31, 2018

Presented by Jonathan Brake, In2Great

Conflict so often looks at the tactics of how we carry ourselves when something goes wrong. Very rarely are we challenged to take a good look at ourselves and figure out if we are the source of the conflict, or at least contributing to it. The majority of conflict happens because something is not communicated properly. Taking the time to figure what we really want is an essential component to proper communication. In this webinar Jonathan will explore how to understand what you want, what is stopping you from getting it and how to go after it. We will then explore some of the key elements that layer in the communication game and finally once we deal with all of that address the conversation at hand.

In this webinar we will:

  • Get a grip on what we really want
  • Learn to enquire rather than place blame
  • Understand our own fears around conflict and how to reframe conflict
  • Discuss the basics of listening and mindfulness
  • Explore and learn how to deal with the Amygdala hijack
  • Discuss the proper way to have a conversation once everything else is taken care of


Tags: Resolving Conflict Personal Development

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Michelle Fleckner

Michelle Fleckner

Michelle joined the team in 2017 as VP of HCM Solutions. Her interest is in helping companies identify areas where streamlining and automating would benefit their HR & Payroll departments. Her strengths are organization planning, revenue generation, customer retention & business process automation.

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