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How to Modernize Your HR Department

by Michelle Fleckner / February 8, 2018

The New Era of HR

The efficiency of a business’ HR department determines how well its human capital is managed. An under performing HR department brings down a company’s performance while also causing the loss of top talent. Yet, despite the consequences, many HR departments cling to outdated methods and practices.

If the quality of your business’ HR management is underwhelming, there are a few ways to improve it. 

Improving Process Management

1. Streamline Payroll. Time is money, and with the right technology, you can save both. Does your business rely on paper time sheets and checks to pay employees? Consider taking advantage of direct deposit instead. As the Entrepreneur points out, using this method will save on processing time while reducing the chances of mistakes occurring. Plus, employees will appreciate not having to run to the bank every payday.

2. Increase Efficiency. Payroll is only the beginning, as technology can streamline much more. Complete solutions such as iSolved simplify several HR processes. Automating and making as many processes as efficient as possible enhance an HR department's capability.

Many businesses cling to old, comfortable ways of doing things. However, the key is to be aware of and open to the technology that can bring your HR management to the next level.

Improving People Management

1. Actively Seek Talent. It is not enough to wait for talent to (hopefully) appear when needed. A proactive HR department constantly campaigns for talented people. That way, when a position opens, a pool of qualified candidates already exists. After all, fishing in a stocked pond is more likely to yield a good catch. 

2. Use HR to Improve Employees’ Environment. HR is the tool by which the work environment is managed. To do this well, human resource personnel need more than just knowledge of company policies.

Maintaining a peaceful, productive environment is a continuous effort, so regular training in conflict resolution is essential. A skilled HR team resolves conflicts with direct and effective action (while keeping employee satisfaction in mind).

Here is a helpful Platinum webinar that addresses this issue:


3. Include Flexibility as a Benefit. More and more, employees demand flexibility. This means offering workers options, such as the ability to work long-distance or a custom schedule depending on an employee's needs. 

Three-quarters of employees value a healthy work-life balance, so offering options has never been more important for the business that wants to attract and keep talent. A modern HR department weaves flexibility into its people management practices.

4. An HR Department Needs Adaptability. Today’s world of work is dynamic and complex. An HR department running on yesterday’s policies won't succeed. The human resource department will benefit from a culture that incorporates a willingness to try new procedures and to consider new ideas. An HR department which rapidly adapts is a boon to its company.

5. Use HR Data to Build a Better Business. An HR department is brimming with employee statistics. Use this data to inform business-wide decisions related to growth and human capital. Data can be very useful for managers and help them plan effective strategies for bringing employees on the performance track and achieving higher productivity.

Also look beyond your business’ HR department. Observe what other companies are doing with their HR practices. Identify what companies with successful HR departments are doing right now — and why.

Analyzing Performance

1. Listen to and Integrate Feedback. The HR department affects the entire company, so its performance cannot be accurately measured with only department-level scrutiny. Listen to feedback from other parts of the company. Is HR effectively training and managing employees and improving the organization's overall performance? Use the feedback to improve your company’s human resource management strategies.

2. Trends in Employee Performance. Employee performance is a mirror of HR effectiveness. Watch for trends in employee performance that highlight HR’s strengths and weaknesses. 

The focus of HR is shifting. Slowly fading is the prime emphasis on enforcing workplace policies. Instead, a new priority is emerging: recruiting and keeping happy talented workers. After all, talent sustains and grows a business. Thus, human resource management is vital, and modernizing the HR department has never been more critical.

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Michelle Fleckner

Michelle Fleckner

Michelle joined the team in 2017 as VP of HCM Solutions. Her interest is in helping companies identify areas where streamlining and automating would benefit their HR & Payroll departments. Her strengths are organization planning, revenue generation, customer retention & business process automation.