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Platinum Group News and Views

Platinum Group News & Views

    Your Guide to Time Management and Attendance

    by Michelle Fleckner

    Why Time and Attendance Matters

    In every office, there are days when everything seems to be flowing smoothly. Productivity and attendance are up and everyone is working together like a well-oiled machine. For some offices, this is a rare occurrence, but it can be the norm with some time management and attendance guidelines for employees and management. Follow these guidelines and your company will be well on its way to improving time management and attendance.

    Value Time

    As a manager, make it a habit to value your time as well as the time of your employees. Set the example that time is important and productivity will follow. When management teams respect employee time, employees are more likely to also value their time and less likely to waste time or procrastinate. 

    At the beginning of the work day as you walk to your office or desk, make it a point to greet every person you come in contact with by showing appreciation that they are dediciating their time to your company. Keep time set aside for greetings limited to that walk through the office, unless you have important issues to discuss with specific employees.

    Start working and organizing your day within five minutes of arriving at the office. Unless absolutely necessary, do not start your day with your email inbox. This can be a time suck and can ruin any productivity and creativity with which you started the day. Instead, check your email around midmorning.

    Create Systems

    Streamline your work with systems and batching throught the whole office. With a set system, employees know what to expect when it comes to time mangement and what is required. This takes the anxiety guesswork out of the task, leaving employees feeling confident and accomplished. Without that stressful, "What do i do next?"  though, employees are able to plan for their days and work productively.

    Of those systems, the most important is batching. Show employees how to batch similar tasks together into specific time blocks. For example, all mailing can be done at the same time. Have the employees set a basket aside with everything that needs to be mailed out. At a set time, or when the basket is full, tackle that task. Addressing, sealing and stamping envelopes as mail pieces pop up can disrupt the flow of other tasks when done throughout the day, but can be quickly handled when done at once.

    Take Breaks

    Encourage emploees to take productivity breaks between tasks. No one can work 8 hours straight without needing to give the brain a chance to rest. By allowing time for breaks, you will minimize time wasted when employees lose focus.

    Great examples of breaks that help to regain focus include walking around the office, taking a few steps outside to enjoy natural light or eating a healthy snack to refresh the physical health as well.

    Schedule a couple of breaks for email throughout the day. This will discourage the habit of immediately responding to an email just because it came through. Breaking the habit of immediate response can be difficult. Try turning on an inbox pause or quieting email notifications to help maintain focus. 

    Encourage Attendance

    The office will always work more efficienlty with a higher attendance rate. When employees are abset it interrups the flow and requires others to pick up the slack. Encouraging attendance startsw with a positive attitude and valuing your employees' time.

    First, it is important to have a clear policy on absences, both planned and enexpected. When employees knowswhat to expect, they are more likely to be absent only when it is necessary.

    Whenever an employee is absent, whether planned or unexpected, issue a greeting after the absense. Welcome him or her back and inform the employee that his or her presence was missed. Often, setting up a reward or recognition for positive attendance can make a difference. This can show appreciation and respect for an employee's time and dedication to the company.

    Use an Engaging System

    When a business manually tracks timekeeping and attendance it can be a serious time consumer. Instead, employ a solution that is easy to use and handles this task for managers in the organization. One option is iSolved Time; Platinum Group's solution to time management and attendance problems for small-to-mid-sized companies. It is a comprehensive human capital managment solution that also handles payroll, benefits and HR, in additon to time tracking.

    This platform is easy to use and includes flexible features that minimize the time management spent on monitoring and tracking employee's hours. iSolved Time includes mutliple ways for employees to clock in and out including traditional time clocks, a mobile app and employee self service.

    The system also helps to minimize accidnetal mistakes and the time theft that can lead to significant labor borad fines. Calculation errors are eliminated with the policies that are applied uniformly across the workforce. Other benefits include management of pay policies, tracking time off and overtime Affordable Care Act compliance, easy creation of schedules, comparing time worked versus scheduled hours and much more. 

    With the right tools and practices your company could be running at its most efficient level with its highest employee satisifaction. When you respect and value the time of all employees, they respect attendance policies and arrive to work focused.

    Platinum Group is a full service HCM resource that allows businesses to manage their payroll, benefits compliance issues and other various human resource functions in a way that maximizes efficiency and eliminates redundancies. 

    For more information about Platinum Group or to schedule an iSolved demo, please visit our website.

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    Platinum Group is headquartered in Ashevile, NC with locations in Charlotte, NC; Greensboro, NC; and Raleigh, NC.

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    Michelle Fleckner

    Michelle Fleckner

    Michelle joined the team in 2017 as VP of HCM Solutions. Her interest is in helping companies identify areas where streamlining and automating would benefit their HR & Payroll departments. Her strengths are organization planning, revenue generation, customer retention & business process automation.

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