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Biometrics are being talked about a lot for security. Many people now have a fingerprint lock on their laptop or facial recognition on their phone.

The benefits of biometrics for time clocks is new to the time and attendance discussion, and some companies are now moving to these clocks, which...


Save Time and Improve Accuracy

Taking employee attendance and tracking hours is a tedious, thankless job. It takes hours of time, messy paper work and is not the core responsibility of HR or management. They would rather be focused on moving the company forward, handling complex benefit...

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When Should I Switch My Payroll Provider?

Have you been thinking about switching payroll providers? Are you tired of being put on hold for hours or dealing with a not so user-friendly system? No worries. The beginning of the year is the best time to switch providers and it is just around the...

Why Time and Attendance Matters

In every office, there are days when everything seems to be flowing smoothly. Productivity and attendance are up and everyone is working together like a well-oiled machine. For some offices, this is a rare occurrence, but it can be the norm with some time...