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Is Your Company Attractive to Prospective Employees?

Finding the best and brightest to work for you is no easy task. They generally are treated well at their current jobs and don’t want to take the risk of jumping to a new firm when they don’t know everything that is in store for them. In a...


How to Attract Talent in a Competitive Market

Recruiting is a two way street. During the hiring process, prospective employees are interviewing your company at the same time you’re interviewing them.


Save Time and Improve Accuracy

Taking employee attendance and tracking hours is a tedious, thankless job. It takes hours of time, messy paper work and is not the core responsibility of HR or management. They would rather be focused on moving the company forward, handling complex benefit...

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How to Manage Business Growth

Is your business growing? If so, then you need to think about growing your most important asset — your employees. Here are some vital tips for scaling your business up, especially when it comes to increasing your workforce in a sane and sensible manner.


Why HR is Critical?

Running a business is about quality, revenue, and growth and most companies keep these things at the forefront of every strategy from production to customer service. Offices hum with increasingly efficient work practices and a complex array of business analytics to help them...


Happy Employees are Productive Employees

As a manager or leader, it's important to recognize the value of company culture and its impact on the success of any team. A negative environment can breed more negativity, lethargy and general apathy that will impede forward progress. Alternatively, a...