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Crafting the Ultimate Personalized Experience for Your Team

by Michael Murphy / November 3, 2021

To thrive in today’s work environment, organizations must strive to offer their employees more than just a job. Employees want more than just a paycheck from their employers. They want to find purpose and meaning in the work they do. Thus, crafting a personalized experience for your team helps employees realize their purpose, which can benefit your business.

According to LinkedIn Workforce Learning Report, 94% of employees say they would stay longer in a company invested in helping them. However, crafting every employee’s personalized experience can be daunting. It would be best if you found out what your employees want.

What Are The Benefits of Investing In Employee Experience?

Companies that invest in employee experience have four times higher average profits per employee and 40 fewer turnovers. The most engaged teams have 41% lower absenteeism, 10 percent higher sales, 17% higher productivity, and 21% higher profitability. In addition, happy employees are 20% more productive.

Ways to Develop a Personalized Experience For Your Team

To get started with creating a personalized experience for your team:

Perform A Personality Test To Determine What Jobs Fit With Each Personality And Capabilities

Recognizing and developing your employee character strengths is one way to improve your personal experiences and work performance. Using tools like Clifton Strengths Assessment or Via Character Strengths Survey during onboarding will help you identify those strengths each employee will bring to the team.

Once you identify each employee’s strength, you should allocate them jobs that meet their capabilities. HR managers should design job roles that help people develop their strengths. In addition, you should help your employees reflect on how they have utilized their strengths in their work.  

For example, you can encourage your employees to reflect on their strengths by asking questions such as, “what wins are you proud of in this month and how did utilizing your strengths help you achieve these wins?”

Invest In A Learning Program

Investing in a learning program that motivates your employee’s career growth is one way to improve your employees’ experience. When employees are given a chance to learn and grow, they stay motivated. Start training employees on different skills based on their interests, talents, and personal goals.

Personalized training is more efficient and impactful than a one-size-fits-all training. A one-size training program may bore employees who are not interested in the skill being taught, or the teaching style might not be appropriate for everyone.

It’s best to identify what each employee needs to learn and their preferred learning style. Connect with each employee to the path they want to invest in education and help them expand their skills to work towards their personal growth and growth of your organization.

Adopting a Learning Management System helps you offer personalized learning that fits your organization’s needs and keep your employees engaged as they learn.

Perform Regular Evaluations

Do not wait until the end of the year to find out how your employees are doing. Sit down with your employees regularly to find out how they are performing and offer help in the underperforming areas. When HR managers do this, employees feel noticed and are motivated because they know they have a huge contribution to your organization.

Provide your employees with impactful data to know areas they are well-performing in and identify areas they need to improve. Give your employees constructive feedback to help them get personalized direction on their performance. In addition, help them make adjustments until they find what works best for them.

Offer Frequent Personalized Recognition

Praising your employees for a job well done improves engagement and morale. The best practice for offering employee recognition is prompt and specific when delivering praise and recognition. 

Although engaged employees have reasons to put their maximum efforts at work, it is human nature to feel good after being recognized for good work. In addition, allowing co-workers to recognize and reward each other will help promote socializing and bring a sense of belonging for everyone at the workplace.

However, before offering recognition, check what your employee prefers. While some employees love public recognition, others prefer quiet or private acknowledgment. Determine what each member of your team prefers and respect their wishes when offering recognition and praise.

Foster Strong Relationships

Focus on your people rather than your employees. Build strong relationships and connect with your employees as people. Not everything has to be addressed through strict processes and meetings. Prioritize getting to know your staff at a personal level.

Employees are more than just an asset. Connect with outside work, ask about their families, start a book blog, or host fun events at the workplace snd get to know about your employees at a personal level. Building a company culture that promotes socializing is essential to keep your employees engaged and improve their experiences.

Provide Employees With Personalized Software

As more organizations adopt technology to make their work easier and efficient, provide your employees with tools and software they love for their everyday use. Technology should meet employees’ needs and not just the organization’s needs. HR and IT managers should help employees use the tools that best fit their needs.

Offer Personalized Benefits

Although every company offers benefits to their employees, it’s what those benefits are to determine if they are truly beneficial to employees. Nowadays, employees are keen about what benefits a company offers. People want benefit is that can actually benefit them. Offering personalized benefits to your employees will significantly increase their loyalty to your organization.

When offering benefits, find out what your employees want. Most surveys reveal that employees want more paid family leave, medical insurance, and time off. Providing a greater work-life balance to your employees will boost their morale and improve their productivity. Organizations can outsource customized employee benefits instead of jostling the responsibility of customizing the offerings.

Over To You…

Personalizing employee experience is paramount for every organization. Helping your employees to be comfortable while doing their job will greatly improve your organization’s productivity. Employees need to embrace flexibility to create a personalized experience for their employees.

Ensure you provide your employees with their preferred tools and software, benefits, and work-life balance. Investing in employee experience will help your company attract and retain top talents.

Are you looking to personalize your employee experience? Watch these videos to learn more.


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