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The HR Superpower: The Critical Connector of an Organization

by Michael Murphy / January 19, 2022

HR is one of the most critical departments in any organization; however, it has often been overlooked because it plays a different role than other departments. When it comes to transformation, HR services were in the past just required to be more efficient, effective, and compliant. However, things are changing. HR is now seen as the glue that holds together all aspects of an organization and also as the key to predicting teams’ needs and having the right people ready to make decisions when needed. And with so much happening in our world today (think global pandemic!), HR plays a critical role in ensuring a business grows through the basic capabilities that do not just support the business strategy — but enable it.  

How HR Was the Critical Force for CompanIES During the Pandemic 

When most people think about the role of HR during the pandemic, they think about how they helped keep the employees safe. While that is certainly an important part of their job, HR also played critical roles in other aspects of the organization. For example, HR helped with communication across departments. They also helped find people to fill in for employees who were out sick. HR had an important role in helping companies get through this challenge by making sure they had the right number of workers and expertise available when needed. They also helped foster employee welfare, support agility, rediscover identity and adopt growth mindset.

How HR Can Be Key to Predicting Teams’ Needs 

HR Can Help Business Growth by Developing New Staffing Models

HR plays an important role in ensuring your business has a modern workforce, increasingly based on offshore talent, contingent workers, and global mobility.  

They help identify when a new team member would be helpful. For example, if your organization is expanding to an area with large numbers of people in need, you will likely want more employees on staff there. HR could recommend who might best fit the position and why they are qualified for it. They can also ensure that these candidates are properly vetted before they are hired.  

HR can also help when your company is downsizing. In this situation, HR would need to identify which employees should be let go and why. They can also help with the transition process for those who are leaving the company. This includes helping them find new jobs or providing outplacement services to help prepare them for their next steps. 

HR can also play an important role in making sure that your company is ready with the right employees at all times. This includes identifying when new hires are needed or even adding more temporary workers if they would be helpful during a specific time of year (such as the holiday season). HR can also help identify when employees might be ready for a promotion and make the necessary recommendations.  

Therefore, through developing new staffing models, HR helps a company to be more agile and responsive to business needs as they are able to quickly adapt to changes in the market and help develop systems that make it easy for employees to switch roles or departments if needed. 

HR Can Help Develop Standard, Repeatable Systems, Capabilities, and Processes When Needed 

HR is also an important department for ensuring that you have the right policies and procedures to ensure your company runs efficiently. For example, when Covid-19 was declared a global pandemic, there was a need to change certain rules and adjustments on how employees work to ensure everyone was safe. A standard process of employees working from home was encouraged. HR was also needed to develop systems to make sure that everyone was aware of the company’s remote working policy.  

Aside from the pandemic case, HR can also help create new policies and procedures whenever needed. For example, if your company takes a different route in doing business, HR would be responsible for updating your policies, creating repeatable systems that work till your business is stable, and enabling employees’ capabilities to deliver as needed.   

In addition, HR can also help keep track of all this information as it changes throughout the growth of your business; they will need to make sure that everyone is informed about any updates or modifications. This ensures that your company runs efficiently and can adapt quickly when needed. 

HR Can Help a Company to Enter New Geographic Markets and Integrate New Acquisitions

When you are trying to reach new markets or make acquisitions, HR can be key in making sure that your company is prepared. They will need to help identify the best candidates for these positions and ensure they have everything they need (such as training) before starting their job.  

HR also helps keep track of all this information to quickly integrate changes such as new acquisitions into your organization. This helps keep everything running smoothly and prevents any miscommunications from happening. 

Finding The Best HR Management System for Your Business

HR can provide a company with many benefits during a pandemic. The most important thing is that they are able to keep track of all this information and make sure it is shared with the right people at the right time. This means keeping employees updated on changes, making recommendations for new hires, helping with downsizing efforts, helping develop processes, and identifying when changes are needed.  

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